About Us

The Community String Project (CSP), a 501(c)(3) non-­profit organization, began in July of 2009 with the goal of serving all youth in the East Bay area, regardless of income, through an innovative, school-based music program centered on string instruments. In addition to the value of learning how to play an instrument (which has been shown to increase academic performance), students also benefit from being involved in a supportive activity that assists with dropout prevention, fosters community engagement, and increases self-esteem. 

CSP provides after-school lessons to elementary students (grades 3-5), a Youth Orchestra Program for middle school students, and evening beginner and ensemble lessons for adults and high school students.  (For a complete description, please see our Programs page.)

Students in Grades 3-5 have the opportunity to play the violin, viola or cello. CSP owns and maintains an inventory of instruments that are available for rent to our students at minimal cost. Instruction is provided free of charge for students (up to grade 12) who participate in the free/reduced lunch program.  Currently, 38% of the youth being served by the CSP meet the criteria for subsidized instruction.

CSP anticipates adding 10-12 students annually and is committed to including youths from all economic levels. In light of the Rhode Island economy, CSP has experienced an increase in both subsidy requests and general participation as parents and educators seek meaningful and cost effective community-based programs for their children. Donations are gratefully accepted at our website (via Paypal) or by mailing a check to:

Community String Project, P.O.Box 513, Bristol, RI, 02809.

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