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The mission of CSP is to provide affordable and accessible string lessons, transforming lives through an innovative music program.



Community String Project envisions a community where quality of life is improved through music.

● Enrich the community through musical entertainment.

● Provide equitable music training.

● Bring musical talent to the forefront.

● Participate in the holistic development of children.

● Provide performance opportunities for participants in CSP.



Affordability: low cost instruction for all, subsidized youth instruction

Community: community-based, enriching the community, reciprocal community support

Accessibility: after-school programming in neighborhood schools, instruments provided for youth, no prior experience required.

Musical Excellence: high quality instructors, best practices utilized, music literacy



● Collaborate with other community organizations and ensembles to enhance playing opportunities for advanced students.

● Filling the void in music education in the public schools.

● Providing musical instruments and music literacy at earlier ages and expand the types of instruments available to kids.

● Create accomplished musicians.

● Provide the experience of playing under accomplished conductor.

● Retain students over their 8 years in the district.

● To be sustainable.

● To create a CSP identity for kids.

The CSP Mission

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