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CSP Artist Series

Please join us as we present a series of intimate performances of high quality artists at the historic Bristol Statehouse.  Our series will feature a diverse array of world class performances with a close up view of the artists for an immersive artistic experience.

The Arrow Quartet

May 20 at 7:30 

Arrow Quartet.png

The Arrow String Quartet, comprised of Amelia Sie and Vivian Mayers, violin, Jimmy Drancsak, viola, and Chelsea Bernstein, cello, was formed within Juilliard’s prestigious Historical Performance program. Funded by Bruce Kovner, the students of this two-year tuition-free program dedicate themselves to the study of historically-informed performance of classical European repertoire of the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. The Arrow String Quartet strives to perform music from the vast canon of string quartet repertoire in the way it sounded when it was conceived—with gut strings, historical bows, and an eye toward an authentic performance practice according the the various writings, reviews and treatises which survive. The ensemble’s namesake is Chelsea’s dog, Arrow, who enjoys all of the group’s rehearsals. 

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Masking is required at all CSP events

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