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CSP Annual Appeal

Thanks to you, we are now in our 15th year of providing affordable and accessible string lessons to the youth and adult students in the East Bay area. Of the over 120 youth that we are serving this year, 30% are participating tuition free due to financial hardship. You may know that CSP operates with the mission of providing affordable and accessible string instrument instruction and that we provide subsidies for our needy students. What you may not know is that all students are subsidized to a certain degree through our reduced tuition fees. We are pleased to note that there is an increased demand for our programs, but we need additional support to match that demand. Your donation this year will be crucial in helping us continue to provide safe, affordable and accessible instruction as we continue to build and expand our programs.

“Violin instruction has been a long-standing constant throughout Imogene's academic life and childhood. I love listening to Immi practice violin at home and am astonished at her progress over the years. The COMMUNITY in Community String Project says it all. We are truly grateful this opportunity exists in our little RI community.  Jessica, Imogen's mom.

"The Community String Project has not only taught me how to play the violin, but how to play together with a group of people."

Your gift to the Community String Project can help keep the music playing for Imogen and many others just like her. There are so many children in grades 3-12 who want to learn but lack the necessary funds. Won’t you help us help them? Please click the below button to keep the music playing for our students

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