Spring Registration - Session II for Youth Students


Registration is now open for the Spring 2018 Session.  All registrations and payments must be completed by January 30, which is the eve of our First Session Winter concert. If you completed an instrument use form in the Fall you do not need to do so for the second session, however you still must pay the fee with your registration. Please follow the below instructions to insure a smooth registration process:


Reminder - If your child needs to use a CSP instrument, please include that in your registration payment.  Instrument use fee is for each 15 week session.


If there is no change to your registration information from the First Session:


Submit payment through our secure online store – click here to make online payment.  No forms will be necessary, but please make sure that your child(ren’s) full name(s) are included in the online payment section and that you have selected the correct payment line to include registration fee and instrument use fee (if needed).




Mail in your completed youth registration form with your payment – if more than one child in the same family is being registered, please include all children’s names, school and grades on the youth registration form and make sure that you have selected the correct registration category for making payment. Mailed payments and forms should go to: Community String Project, PO Box 513, Bristol, RI 02809. (Please make checks payable to Community String Project.)


If there is any change to your registration information:


Fill out a youth registration form for each child that you are registering indicating any changes, and mail in with your payment. If paying online, please indicate this on your returned form(s). Changes could include: no longer needing a CSP instrument due to receiving one at Christmas, change in approved persons for pick-up, change of address, email, phone, etc.


At the concert we will accept filled out registration forms with your payment, although we prefer that you register prior to the event.



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