CSP Planning of Full In Person Instruction for Fall 2021
Days and times are subject to change as our fall schedules develop and current health conditions

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Youth Instruction

Grades 3-5 will be after school in the following Bristol Warren elementary schools:

  • Guiteras School - Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-3:20

  • Colt Andrews School - Tuesday and Thursday from 3:40-4:30

  • Hugh Cole School - Wednesday and Friday from 2:00-2:50

  • Rockwell School - Wednesday and Friday from 3:20-4:30

Students that are out of district, attend private school or are home schooled are welcome to join our program at any of the above schools.  

Youth Orchestra (grades 6-10) will meet at the Bristol Statehouse on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6-6:50 for grade 6 students; and 7-7:50 for grades 7-10 students

Adult programs will meet as follows at the Bristol Statehouse:

  • Advanced Strings - Monday - evenings from 6:00 - 7:40 

  • Beginning Guitar Ensemble - Wednesday evenings from 6:00 - 7:40

  • Advanced Guitar Ensemble - Wednesday evenings from 7:40-9:00

  • Chamber Ensemble - Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 7:40

  • Intermediate Ensemble - Thursdays evenings from 7:40-9:00

Community String Project

Providing affordable and accessible string lessons, transforming lives through an innovative music program.

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